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Great time to watch winter-visiting birds

During winter we get a lot of birds visiting the UK , especially waders and sea birds, so this is a great opportunity to see some of them. Grab your binoculars and camera and head to your closest estuary or wetlands and have a look. Most counties also have bird sighting websites which are helpful to find good spots to see them and to find out what is about.

If you want to have a guided walk in East Devon to see some of them , please get in contact with me.

Northern lapwings , Vanellus vanellus with Dunlin , Calidris alpina

Great crested grebe ,Podiceps cristatus

Eurasian spoonbill , Platalea leucorodia with Mute swan , Cygnus olor and European herring gull , Larus argentatus

Black-tailed godwits , Limosa limosa

Dark-bellied brent geese , Branta bernicla

Common snipe , Gallinago gallinago

Common redshank , Tringa totanus and Dunlin , Calidris alpina

Pied avocet , Recurvirostra avosetta

Northern pintail , Anas acuta

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