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Hungry dragons

Late summer / early autumn is the time for dragonflies and damselflies.

The smaller damselflies and demoiselles are easily spotted flying around the lower vegetation and sitting on the grasses and sedges while the bigger dragonflies are usually zooming around higher up , hardly ever sitting down. I was watching some of the Keeled skimmers on a meadow when I saw one catching a big insect and sitting down to munch it. It took almost 5 minutes until it was gone and it flew off again to catch another. It is amazing how many flies, mosquitos, even wasps they are catching and eating in a day.

Some other dragons and damsels recently found on my walks were the Four-spotted chaser, lots and lots of Banded demoiselles along the river, Broad-bodied chaser and Golden-ringed dragonfly , to name just a few.

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