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Helen S. : Sylvie is a fantastic naturalist and very knowledgeable. You will have a brilliant experience whether you are watching beavers on the river or hares and bird life across the nearby fields. You can ask as many questions as you like. It is a truly wonderful time spent with nature!

Rose C. : I really enjoyed the wildlife tour. Sylvie is very knowledgeable, especially about the beavers. It was just the right length of time and I learned a lot. i will certainly be booking again.

Fiona L. : The wildlife walk with Sylvie was a revelation, friendly and funny, I was amazed at how much knowledgeable she is, would definitely do it again!


Fiona H. : Sylvie has an amazing amount of knowledge about the flora and fauna of the area. I have been on a few of her wildlife walks and have been fascinated to see ladybird larvae and much more. It has encouraged me to take more time to find wildlife when I am walking.

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