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Every wildlife lover has different interests , so all my tours will be individually tailored to you.

I am happy to take you and your family/ friends - not more than 5 people - but unfortunately there are no dogs allowed and if you want your kids to come along, they will have to be aware that being quiet and patient are the main ingredients of a successful wildlife watch. ​

Your tour will be planned ahead and the details given to you well in advance so you can prepare for everything needed.


All wildlife tours include a small walk, usually on easily walkable ways, but good walking boots are always needed.


Having your own camera and/or binoculars is always useful and I am happy to give you some tips and advise on how to get some good pictures too.


To follow my 'bush' motto it is advisable to dress in camouflage or nature colours, materials that don't make a lot of noise walking and not to use perfumes/ after shaves, so the animals are not disturbed by us and we have the best chance of watching them.


Depending on the length of the tour I would advise to bring something to drink and eat, but there is always time to have a rest at some cafes/pubs along the way.


For early morning or evening tours, (red-light) torches can be provided as well as foldable camp chairs if you can't stand too long or can't sit down on the ground. ​


Please be aware that certain animals are only here or visible at a certain time of year and/or day. ​


As all tours are tailor made for you there are no fixed prices, so please contact me for more information.

As a rough guide, a 3 hour beaver watching tour starts with £45 for the first person, every additional person (max 5) £35. ​ ​

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